Marsh's MINIATURE AMERICAN SHEPHERDS, "Marsh's MAS" Located in Nova Scotia, Canada. Contact us:


 Once we have accepted your Puppy Questionnaire, have puppies available, and the puppies have had their 39 Day Personality Test, we will send you this Deposit Contact to sign, committing to a puppy within the litter.


Marsh's Warranties 

 7 day Health Warranty-       

If the dog is found to have a pre-existing health concern or abnormality that was undisclosed prior to sale, the dog may be returned for a 100%  Or you may keep the dog and be refunded up to $200.00 for vet bills. 

 30 day Compatibility Warranty- 

In an extreme case, where a puppy’s temperament does not blend well with the Buyer and/or their family, the Buyer may bring the puppy back to the Breeder for a 50% refund. 




Lifetime Warranty against these Genetic Eye Disorders:

All Marsh's MAS Breeding Stock are clear from affecting puppies with PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), HC/HSF4 (Hereditary Cataracts) and CEA (Collie Eye Anolomy). Breeding Stock must also pass yearly eye exams preformed by a Veterinarian Ophthalmolgist.


3 Year Warranty against Hip/Elbow Dysplasia and Patellar Luxation-
If your dog develops a genetic form of dysplasia or patellar luxation before their 3rd birthday, we will offer you a replacement dog from a different genetic cross, within a year of diagnosis. 



 Non-Breeding Contract

This is a Template of our Sales Agreement, used for MOST puppies and dogs sold here at Marsh's MAS. Buyers are encouraged to read our contracts in advanced. Changes can be made if necessary. This contract is to be honored for the dogs entire life.





Progress Reports

When we do not receive updates regarding your puppy/dog, we will issue Progress Reports to help verify that the dog is being well taken care of, in accordance to the specific contract signed.


 Return Policy

We at Marsh's MAS, try VERY hard to place our puppies/dogs in forever homes. We understand that sometimes life circumstances change and owners no longer can/want to keep their fur babies. We have and will take back any and all of our puppies/dogs. We do not care why the dog is being returned... Just please BRING THEM BACK HOME!


Marsh's MINIATURE AMERICAN SHEPHERDS, "Marsh's MAS" Located in Nova Scotia, Canada. Contact us: