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The personality test is a pretest to the Official Temperament Test. 

This is done between ages 37- 39 days old, before a puppy has full neurological development. 

The personality test help us determine who the puppy is based on genetics and natural instinct.




The Temperament test is preformed 10 days after the Personality Test, preferably on day 49 when the puppy's neurological development is that of an adult dog. The Temperament Test is preformed by a person the puppy has never met and is preformed in an unfamiliar place to the puppy. This helps mimic the puppy's true response to a new home and environment. 


7 Week Eye Exam


Between 7 - 8 weeks old age, we take our puppies all the way to New Brunswick to have their eyes examined by a Veterinarian Ophthalmologist. Our Board Certified Ophthalmologist is 

The Eye exam we use is through OFA called the 
Eye Certification Registry (ECR). 

The eye exam is performed 30 to 40 minutes after pupil-dilating drops are placed in the eyes. The Eye Certification exam consists of indirect ophthalmoscopy and slit lamp biomicroscopy. 
MAS can be affected by several different congenital eye defects including: 

  •  Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA); Choroidal Hypoplasia, Optic Disc Colomboma and Retinal Dysplasia
  • Persistent Pupilary Membrane (PPM)
  • Iris Coloboma
  • Distichiasis and Dermoids
  • Glucoma
  • Pigmentary Keratitis
  • Hyaloid Arteries 
  • Eye lid Defects  
  • Vitreous Degeneration

 Other congenital eye defects can develop as the dog matures, annual eye exams are recommended. Other Congenital eye defects include: 

  • Cataracts, 
  • Canine Multifocal Retinopathy (CMR), and 
  • Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration (PRCD).

For more information on Congenital eye defects and Eye diseases that affect the Miniature American Shepherd Breed: 


Structure Evaluation 


Our puppy's physical structure is evaluated at 8 weeks old.
Structure is individually evaluated  in correspondence with the 

Our method of evaluation is done following the "Puppy Puzzle" 
by Pat and Bob Hastings


Puppy's Physical Exam 



 All of our puppies have a Physical Exam when they are between 8 - 9 weeks old. They need to receive a clean bill of health from a Licensed Veterinarian before they are allowed to leave Marsh's MAS. 

 The puppies are taken into the clinic one at a time to help ensure a     Pawsitive Experience :)


The Physical Exam starts with the Veterinarian verifying the puppy's microchip and general information with the Breeder including their:

  • Breed
  • Age 
  • Sex 
  • Reproductive status
  • Detailed color description

The Veterinarian also will ask the Breeder about the puppy's History including their: 

  • Environment
  • Diet 
  • Medication History, 
  • Reproductive intentions, Vaccination status  
  • any other medical concerns

The Veterinarian will then observe the puppy's over all general appearance, body condition, hydration status and then check the puppy's Vital Signs:

  •  Body Weight - Puppies should be weighed on a pediatric scale
  • Temperature - (Via rectal thermometer) Normal: 100.5 - 102.5 degrees Ferinheight
  • Heart/Pulse rate - Normal: K9: 80-160 BPM
  • Respiratory rate and character- Normal: K9: 15-30 BPM
  • Mucous membrane color (MM)- Normal: Pink
  • Capillary refill time (CRT) - Normal: < 2 seconds


 Puppies are then examined from Nose to tail, 
starting with the Puppy's Head



Head - Observe face for general symmetry
Eyes - Assess eyes for size, position, lid defects and discharge 
Nose - Observe for discharge or dryness
Ears - Assess the cleanliness of the ear canals. Check for mites or infection
Teeth - Teeth should meet in a scissor bite. 

The Veterinarian will also Palpate the submandibular lymph nodes, salivary glands and trachea (note any swelling or coughing). 

They will very carefully check the puppy's Respiratory system for any distress and the Heart for any signs of a Heart murmur.

Then the Veterinarian will examine the rest of the pup's body. The vet will evaluate the pup's muscle mass and tone and then examine each limb and joint carefully, looking for: 

 Abnormalities in angulation, deformities, swelling, bleeding, bony protrusions, obvious fractures or joint luxations, range of motion, atrophy, knuckling, crepitus, etc.    The vet also examines the pup's skin and hair coat for alopecia, masses, parasites, dryness, excessive oil, matting, etc.



During the puppy's physical exam, we also have their feces examined for intestinal parasites, coccidia and giardia 

Marsh's MINIATURE AMERICAN SHEPHERDS, "Marsh's MAS" Located in Nova Scotia, Canada. Contact us: