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   Vaccinations: When to start? Which ones? How often? 
What are the side effects? Here, we will post the latest information regarding canine vaccinations. 

Here is our current Vaccine Protocol:

  • 9-10 Weeks Old: Parvovirus and Distemper  (MLV)
  • 14- 16 Weeks Old:  Parvovirus and Distemper (MLV)

Our MAS puppies will have their first vaccination before adoption.
We recommend having your dogs antibody levels tested by titer test (blood work) 3-4 weeks after their 2nd vaccination to ensure immunization. Only vaccinate again, when NO antibodies are present.

“The presence of antibody (no matter what the titer) indicates protective immunity and immunological memory is present in that animal. Giving more frequent vaccines to animals in an attempt to increase antibody titer is a pointless exercise. It is impossible to create ‘greater immunity’ by attempting to increase an antibody titer.”

This is a core vaccine protocol that provides the basic minimum number of vaccines to protect against life threatening illnesses, without over vaccinating.


  •  Annual Vaccinations are Not recommended.
  • Non Core Vaccines are Not recommended. 

 Please Vaccinate for the Rabies virus according to your town By-Laws (It is not mandatory to vaccinate in Canada). There have been no Dogs diagnosed with Rabies in all 4 Maritime Provinces 

            Thus, we do not recommend the            Rabies Vaccine.

    If you must travel out of the country or are participating in an event, requiring the Rabies vaccine, we recommend: the Rabies vaccine to be given no sooner then 

24 Weeks old, with a
Killed Virus Vaccine.


  Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian interviews Dr. Ronald Schultz a pioneer and expert in the field of veterinary vaccines discuss important information about rabies and pet vaccine protocol.

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Marsh's MINIATURE AMERICAN SHEPHERDS, "Marsh's MAS" Located in Nova Scotia, Canada. Contact us: