Puppies are 5 weeks old 

 Pup #1 BTF - 4 lbs 15 oz 

  Pup #2 BMM -  5 lbs 9 oz 

  Pup #3 BTM - 4 lbs 10 oz 

                                                              Pup #4 BTF - 4 lbs 10 oz 

                                                                          Pup #5 BTF - 5 lbs  

Leash Training Day 1 

Puppy #1 BTF

Puppy #2 BMM 

   Puppy #3 BTM Leash Training Day 1  

             Puppy #4 BTF 

Puppy #5 BTF 

    Stair play 




 Pup #1 BTF Personality Test Summary

Puppy came over to meet the tester happily but was not pushy and waited her turn to give the Tester love. After a ton of kisses, she was the only puppy to keep bringing the toy back to Tester, playing as a team. When placed in the new environment, puppy stayed calm and alert. She sneezed a few times LOL and then noticed the Tester and races towards them. About 3 feet in front of the Tester, the puppy stopped and pawed the ground, asking the Tester to play. She got very excited once touched and started wagging her tail extremely fast and gave lots of kisses. Puppy noticed the pain quickly with a whimper but kept wagging her tail and was very quick to forgive the Tester as if it never happened. Puppy treated being restrained as if it were a game and likes to be held and feels safe with Tester. She loved the new squeaky toy and got very excited to play but showed more interest in the Testers hands then the toy. Puppy was the only pup to open mouth kiss. She basically put the Testers whole nose in her mouth. She sometimes connects with her pointy puppy teeth but definitely means no harm. Puppy seemed to know that the Tester was fine when he fell, so she curled up beside them and started grooming herself. She then became bored and started chewing on the Testers pants until they responded. Puppy loved being elevated, tail and legs wagging happily with her staring deep into Testers eyes. She is the first born and first to do many things. Puppy bullies all her siblings, but will take a little back. She is always jumping into activities and tries new things with excitement. Puppy only picked at her food and independently played with her new squeaky toy, where she soon fell asleep. She has a medium drive, responds well to positive reinforcement and is toy motivated.


Pup #2 BMM Personality Test Summary

Puppy raced eagerly to meet the Tester, pushing others out of the way to get there. He instantly jumped up at the Tester pawing and giving kisses. Puppy did not show much interest in the tug toy, but instead wanted to get to know the Tester. When he was placed in the new environment his nose hit the ground hard! He took the longest to notice that the Tester was in the room, he was so into the new sights and smells, very curious, confident puppy. Puppy had the lowest pain tolerance and gave a big cry out while starring at the Tester like “Why did you do that?” Puppy was very eager to follow the Tester and is all ready underfoot before ever needing to call him over. Puppy eagerly wants to work and please. He is comfortable being held and is always trying to sneak a kiss. Puppy gave a little pounce at the new squeaky toy but was quick to refocus on the Tester. He did not like being restrained and was the quickest puppy to insist being flipped back over. When the Tester fell, puppy quickly ran over in a panic. He truly seemed concerned and aggressively licked the Testers nose/face until they responded. He did not mind being elevated, but would not give eye contact. Puppy can be stubborn and strong willed. He is very independent and is comfortable playing and sleeping by himself. Puppy plays well with his litter mates and equally bullies and is bullied. He also enjoys playing with the family cats. Puppy is the largest and most dominate in the litter. He gobbles his food with no manners and may be too food motivated to use treats as a training method. Puppy has a consistent high drive and will need lots of mental and physical stimulation to keep from being bored and becoming destructive.


       Pup #3 BTM Personality Test Summary

Puppy tried to get to the Tester as fast as he could, but got plowed by Pup #2, slowing him down. He bounced back up like nothing happened and gave the Tester big kisses and neck nuzzles. Puppy instantly wanted to play Tug a war and helped get the other puppies excited and involved. Puppy gives the cutest facial expressions and bounces while he runs. When placed in the new environment, he was the only puppy to explore all 4 sides of the new room before he ran over to the Tester. He gently climbed on the Testers lap to give a kiss and then curled up as if he was going to go to sleep. Puppy loves to be held and petted but does not like to be rolled onto his back and will keep flipping himself over. He also stared deeply into the Testers eyes. He is very willing to please and easily forgives. Puppy was hesitant with the new squeaky toy and ran to the Testers lap for comfort. Puppy shows no fear of intimidation and eager follows when called. He is very eager to work and is always looking for approval. When the Tester fell, the puppy stayed calm. He walked over sniffing the air and put his front paws on the Testers knee. He then went over and licked the Testers hands. When the Tester did not respond, he left the room whimpering. Puppy has a medium to low drive and responds well to gentle praise and positive reinforcement. He loves to play but keeps a calm, controlled energy. Puppy is the smallest has always been the smallest in the litter with a big heart and who can hold his own. Puppy gets very excited when playing with his litter mates and is usually the one who initiates play time. He also loves playing with the families cats. Puppy did not eat after his temperament test, but fell asleep quickly afterwards, cuddling up to his sister.


 Puppy #4 BTF Personality Test Summary

This little puppy was the last one to greet the Tester and it took the other puppies excitement to help coax her over. Once the tug a war toy was introduced, puppy warmed right up giving kisses to the Tester as she played. When she was placed in the new environment, puppy became uncomfortable and unsure. Her tail stopped wagging and she slowly walked with caution, sniffing the air. She soon noticed the Tester and ran to their side for reassurance. Puppy enjoyed being petted from the side but was scared when cradled and avoided giving eye contact. She has a low pain tolerance but only wiggled to get away. Puppy got excited when the new squeak toy was introduced and took the toy a corner to chew on by herself. Puppy then became hesitant when intimidated and took some time to warm back up and forgive the Tester. When the Tester fell, the puppy started to whimper and pace beside the door. Then she went to the Tester, sniffed all over their body and then started clawing their face until they responded. When the Tester got up and reassured the puppy, the puppy really came to life. Her bubbly self came out, she gave lots of kisses to the Tester and her whole bum started wagging J Puppy plays gentle with her littermates and neither bullies are is bullied. She seems to avoid conflict and shows patients. She is a favorite among our small children and is always found cuddling another, be it sibling, another MAS, Papillon, or cat. Puppy has a medium drive, is friendly and love toys, but still lacks in confidence. She takes the longest to warm up to new people and situations but really comes to life with gentle praise and positive reinforcement. Puppy also has a hearty appetite for being one of the smallest in the litter and is both food and toy motivated.



Puppy #5 BTF Personality Test Summary

Puppy was the first to reach the Tester and accepted them instantly with soft kisses. She was also the last puppy to leave the Testers lap. She initially ran off to tug at the new toy and then bounced around the other puppies and back onto the Testers lap. When placed in the new environment, the puppy stayed bubbly and confident. She immediately noticed the Tester, walked over to them and gently laid her head upon their lap, with her tail still wagging. She has a normal pain tolerance and is very quick to forgive. She loves to be held and allowed the Tester to do anything. Puppy gives great eye contact and grunts and smiles to help communicate. Puppy stayed calm the longest while being restrained and then wanted up now! She readily comes when called with her ears and tail always alert, ready for anything. When the Tester fell, the puppy started sniffing their feet, then their hands and then she went away. When she came back, she started sniffing the air and licking the Testers hair, trying to wake them up. The more she licked, the faster her tail would wag. Then she just stopped and laid down beside them as if she was going to go to sleep. Puppy plays very well with her litter-mates and equally bullies and gets bullied. She has a consistent high drive but does not make herself too needy. Puppy can be found confidently sleeping by herself and does not need another sibling to go off exploring on her own. She has a hearty appetite and becomes excited when treats are in sniffing reach J. To keep her focused, gentle praise and positive reinforcement should be enough. She is very eager to participate and willing to please.

Full Personality Test Results May 20, 2013 Puppies 39 days old

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Puppies are now 6 weeks old. 

                           Pup #1 BTF 5 lbs 10 oz Tunnel play  

 Pup #1 Going down the slide 

  Pup #1 Discovering Bridges 

                    Pup #2 BMM 6 lbs 12 oz  Tunnel play 

Pup #2 Going down the slide 

   Pup #2 Discovering Bridges 

 Pup #3 BTM 5 lbs 8 oz Tunnel play  

 Pup #3 Going down the slide 

   Pup #3 Discovering Bridges 

 Pup #4 BTF 5 lbs 9 oz Tunnel play  

   Pup #4 Going down the slide 

   Pup #4 Discovering Bridges 

 Pup #5 BTF 5 lbs 12 oz Tunnel play  

  Pup #5 Going down the  slide 

   Pup #5 Discovering Bridges 

  Luna teaching her puppies how to play fight!

Swimming at the lake

   Pup #1 BTF Swimming at the lake

 Pup #2 BMM   

 Pup #3 BTM   

    Pup #4 BTF 

    Pup #5 BTF Swimming at the lake

 Playing tug a way

  Puppies eating Mackerel for the first time


    Pup #5 Having a hard time