Puppies are now 7 weeks old

Pup #1 BMM 10 lbs 10 oz 



 Pup #1 Temperament Test

Puppy whined and paced around the room looking scared and confused. He then noticed the tester and eagerly ran over. Puppy jumped up on the tester and gave big kisses, wagging his tail and lightly whining for more love. Puppy loved playing fetch and continually brought the ball back to tester. Puppy eagerly followed the tester wherever she went, but far enough behind, that he could watch the tester for further direction. Puppy loves to be held. He wrapped his paws around the testers arm for security and grunted, smiled and kissed the tester when she kissed him. Puppy’s energy level went up as he became more comfortable in his new environment and he played fetch longer with the tester each time she initiated play. Puppy is very comfortable being mauled all over and only whines when being restrained. He was very concerned when the tester fell. When the puppy realized that the tester wasn’t responding, he went to the assistant recording for help! He is an active, high energy dog that requires both mental and physical energy and is both food and toy motivated. Puppy is also human dependant and would thrive with an active family that has lots of time for him. He loves children and enjoys playing with other dogs and the family cats.

 Pup #2 BMM 6 lbs 13 oz 



 Pup #2 Temperament Test

Puppy walked into the new environment bouncing and wagging his tail. He immediately noticed the tester and ran over to her, sniffed her leg and climbed upon her lap, while giving kisses. He instantly bonded with the tester and eagerly wanted to please her. Puppy loved to follow the tester around and would sometimes pass her in excitement. He would play with the toys, but would make sure that the tester was playing too. Puppy would always chase the toys but would go back to tester without it. Puppy would rather receive affection and feels safe being held and restrained by people. He was very concerned when the tester fell and pawed and sniffed their body all over. He sniffed from head to toe and then went back to the tester’s head and laid down whining. He is a curious puppy and loves to chase little objects. Puppy allows children to pick him up, maul him and plays well with other dogs and our family cats. He has a high energy without being dominant. Puppy becomes too eager when food is introduced in training and does better with positive reinforcement only.

 Pup #3 BTM 7 lbs 6 oz 



Pup #3 Temperament Test

Puppy was nervous is his new environment and hid underneath the kitchen table until he noticed the tester sitting on the floor. He hesitantly, went to tester, tail wagging. Once puppy made contact with the tester, it was all he wanted. At first, he should no interest in playing with his toys but wanted to be in the testers lap. He gave tons of kisses. Puppy was so relaxed with being held and petted. He came to tester eagerly when called and followed the tester around happily but far enough back that he could see to follow further instructions. Puppy would always chase the toys but would go back to tester without it. He was interested in the tester petting him. When the tester fell, the puppy immediately ran to the tester whining. He rooted he chin first and then pressed his body against her mouth, as if to see if she was breathing. He then laid down beside her, whining continually. Puppy has a medium high energy and loves to run and play with other dogs and children. He is not highly motivated by either food or toys and does best with positive reinforcement and praise!

 Pup #4 BTM 10 lbs 10 oz 



 Puppy #4 Temperament Test

Puppy ran immediately to tester and eagerly licked and pawed her until she responded. Once puppy had lots of love and bonding time with the tester, he was ready to explore his new environment. He became very interested in the new sights and smells that he didn’t want to play with the toys. During the follow test, the tester had to insist that the puppy leave the environment and follow her. The tester eventually got back the puppy’s attention for some more affection. The puppy melted in her arms, like it was all he ever wanted. He is a very curious puppy and enjoys chasing small objects, especially when the tester gets excited. Puppy was so concerned when the tester fell. He pawed her body all over, then licked her hands, waiting for a response. He then went to her feet and bit them hard, making her jump. Puppy is very food motivated without being aggressive. He will do about anything and go anywhere for a piece of cheese. Puppy has a medium energy and enjoys laying down, being petted just as much as running around. He is stubborn and needs a firm, command before always responding. He loves being held by our children and sleeps with the family cats.

 Temperament Test Results

temptestresults.doc temptestresults.doc
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 Puppies are Now 8 weeks old


  Pup #1 BMM 1st Bath
 Weight: 12 lbs


      Pup #2 BMM 1st Bath
       Weight: 8 lbs 3 oz 


 Pup #3 BTM 1st Bath
 Weight 8 lbs 7 oz 


Pup #4 BTM 1st Bath
 Weight 11 lbs 13 oz



Pup #1 BMM Stacking while wet 



Pup #2 BMM Stacking while wet 



Pup #3 BTM Stacking while wet  



 Pup #4 BTM Stacking while wet 



Pup 1 BMM Stacking 



 Pup #2 BMM Stacking



 Pup #3 BTM Stacking



 Pup #4 BTM Stacking