Placement and Policies

The adoption process:

  • Once a litter is born we will post their arrival here on our website and on our Facebook page. We will then share a generic email to anyone who has filled out our "puppy questionnaire" over the last 6 months. 
  • This is your opportunity to reply to us, showing your interest in a puppy(s) from our current litter. 

  • The deposit is $500.00 and goes towards the total price of the dog.
  • We will immediately accept "early" deposits from approved applicants in the order of when each questionnaire was received.  
  • We will only accept early deposits from those who we feel would do well with the litters "Genetic Potential".
  • The deposit contract gives you space to describe your ideal puppy and allows you to check off any of the puppies you would consider adopting. The deposit contract when signed by the Breeder ensures you one of those puppies. 
  • Anyone who places a deposit in early (to ensure their spot) must be willing to take a selection of pups. Early applicants tend to not require certain physical traits (white trim, tan markings, certain eye colour) and are ok with a dog that may mature over breed standard. 
  • For those wanting specific requirements we caution you from placing an early deposit. Check back with us when the pups are older, to see if we have any availability that suits your specific needs.


Waiting until 7 weeks old to start narrowing the selection down allows us to better predict size, temperament, drive level and structural soundness. 
This helps us find each puppy the most suitable home/lifestyle possible, which is our most Top Priority!

We will  keep our potential puppy(s) "on hold" until after their 8 week health and structure evaluations before making our final decision. Those who have a deposit on the same pups that we are considering must be willing to take a selection of puppies. Based on final evaluations, we reserve the right to keep any puppy for our breeding program. If a puppy was reserved to you and there is no replacement available, we will return all monies.


Please read our contracts

BEFORE applying for one of our MAS puppies.


***To be considered for a Marsh Puppy, you must first fill out our 

Visiting the Puppies 

We do allow approved applicants to visit our MAS puppies. 

We offer 3 "Puppy Parties"  for approved applicants to come visit and socialize with the puppies. The dates for these "puppy parties" will be posted on the website and facebook page once the litter is born. They are generally hosted on the weekends during the 4th, 6th, and 7th week. RVSP for each party is to be given at least 24 hours prior so we can accommodate guests accordingly.

Please Note:
  • We absolutely do NOT allow drop in visitors. We are NOT a pet store! If you would like to visit to "Meet the Breed", Please contact us to set up a time when we do not have puppies. Puppy visiting time is prioritized to those committing to a puppy within the litter.
  • We ask those visiting to Please wear clean clothes and foot wear to our home. Please use the washroom if needed and wash your hands prior to arrival. Please, do Not stop at any pet store, or any other Breeders home on your way to Marsh's MAS.
  • Dress for the occasion. You will be playing with puppies with sharp teeth and claws. Do not wear your best clothes. We will also take the pups outdoors, no matter the weather. Expect to get dirty and dress accordingly.
  • Each Puppy Party is scheduled for 3 hours. We will make the most of our time meeting the puppies while chatting about health, training and general care and responsibilities. 
  • We no longer accommodate individual appointments before 8 weeks old. If you can not make one of the Puppy Parties, we can facetime, send extra photos and videos and continue to chat via phone or email.

Pick Up

Most puppies will leave on the same day and appointments are booked 30 minutes apart.  We will quickly sign the sales contract and answer any last minute questions. You will receive your puppy pack, a sample of food and be on your way!

  • Puppies do Not leave here before 8.5-9 weeks of age. Pick up dates and times will be outlined in the deposit contract and confirmed during the 7th week.
  • Puppies must be paid for in full and a sales agreement must be signed by both parties before/during pick up.
  • The person picking up the puppy MUST be the Buyer on the sales agreement. ID verification will be checked during pick up
  • It is preferred that only the immediate Buyer(s) come for this appointment.
  • Please bring a travel crate, a leash buckle or have someone sit in the back to hold the puppy. No puppy leaves without proper travel restraint.
  • If a Buyer needs the puppy to stay here longer then 9 weeks old, the puppy still needs to be paid for in full by 9 weeks old. A boarding agreement will than be signed and any additional fees will be paid in advance. 
  • Any puppy not paid for by 9 weeks old (without a written arrangement), will go back up for sale. Your deposit will be forfeited. 
  • We prefer that Buyers come pick up their puppy here at Marsh's MAS, where the puppy is most comfortable. Sometimes this is not practical or physically possible, so we are willing to help accommodate when needed.  



***All of our Miniature American Shepherds are registered as Pure Bred dogs with the American Kennel Club. Any puppy sold as "Pet quality" for whatever reason, will be registered with LIMITED STATUS. This means that any offspring produced by said dog will not be eligible for registration. Dogs with Limited Status are also unable to compete in most conformation events. They can still compete in dog sports like herding, agility and obedience.

Those seeking a puppy with FULL REGISTRATION for either showing or breeding can contact us for more information.

***We are currently in the process of registering our breeding dogs with the Canadian Kennel Club. Once the breed in officially fully accepted into CKC, we will register our pups with them :)