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Poppy X Montana puppies, 6 Weeks Old 

 Crate Training Begins

Pup #1 BMM - 7 lbs 3 oz 

 Pup #2 BTM - 8 lbs 12 oz 

 Pup #3 BTF - 5 lbs 4 oz 

 Pup #4 BTM - 6 lbs 5 oz 

   Pup #5 BMF - 8 lbs 5 oz 




 Pup #1 BMM Swimming at the Lake

  Pup #2 BTM Swimming at the Lake

  Pup #3 BTF Swimming at the Lake

  Pup #4 BTM Swimming at the Lake

  Pup #5 BMF Swimming at the Lake



Pup #1 BMM 
                Intro to Livestock



Pup #2 BTM
Intro to Livestock



Pup #3 BTF 
Intro to Livestock



Pup #4 BTM
 Intro to Livestock



Pup #5 BMF

 Intro to Livestock










 Poppy X Montana puppies, 7 Weeks Old 

 Pup #1 BMM  -  8 lbs 2 oz 

 Pup #2 BTM  - 10 lbs 4 oz

Pup #3 BTF - 5 lbs 11 oz

 Pup #4 BTM  - 7 lbs 3 oz 

 Pup #5 BMF - 9 lbs 12 oz 

  Puppy #1 entered the test area cautiously. He took 5 steps forward, and then froze while sniffing the air. He did a 360 degree pivot and then went back to the entrance, sat down and started whining. Puppy noticed the Tester, sniffed the air, gave a little whimper and then came running eagerly to meet the Tester. He laid down, placing his front paws gently on the Testers lap, ready for some affection. Once he met the Tester, he became more confident. Puppy showed no initial prey drive, he was too interested in exploring his new environment. Puppy is easily distracted by new things. He was able to find every puppy size crack in the room and needed to be encouraged to come back to the Tester after each question/phase. Puppy loves affection yet is able to stay calm. He enjoys being cradled, does not mind being held, and eagerly gives kisses. Puppy became more playful as the test went on. He enjoyed chasing the tug toy and played fetch non-stop, returning the ball 10 X in a row! Puppy has high sight and sound awareness. He noticed every sound, small object and quick movement. Puppy pounced and bit at the whip, very cat like. Puppy acted concerned when the Tester fell. He put his front paws on the Tester and started to whine. He then went to the back of the Tester and started to chew on their hair while nuzzling their neck, and whimpering softly. Puppy did not stop until Tester responded. Puppy did not like being held on his back. He struggled right from the beginning, while whining, until he was flipped over. Puppy had a very high food drive. He was determined to get the food from the Tester. He licked, bit, and scratched the Testers hand and would not stop. Once the food was introduced, puppy could no longer focus on anything else. He was able to locate the rest of the food (up on a chair, in a baggie, in a container) and tried everything he could to get to the food.




    Puppy #2 initially stood frozen at the entrance of the test area. He started to whine, turned his head and starred straight at the tester, still frozen. Puppy took some coaxing to go over to the Tester. He just sat at the entrance, wagging his tail, starring at the Tester. When he finally felt safe enough to meet the Tester, he took a few steps toward the Tester, stopped and sniffed the air. Then he took a few more steps, stopped and sniffed the air again. He finally stopped at the Testers side, allow them to pet him. Puppy jumped to life when the Tester initiated play. Puppy used his feet more than his teeth to help get the Tug toy away from the Tester. Puppy enjoyed chasing the balls and pouncing at them, but rarely brought the balls back to the Tester. Puppy pulled away from the Tester for the kiss, but then changed his mind and gave big kisses back. He avoided eye contact while being cradled and also while being held on his back, he just didn't seem comfortable and calmly resisted. Puppy also curiously and calmly followed the Tester around; sniffing at things as he passed by. Puppy became more and more playful as the test went on. He loved playing Tug a war and would always shake the toy really hard. He played fetch the second time around, bringing the ball back 5X in a row but was easily distracted by different sounds (furnace, other dogs barking). He is very comfortable with loud sounds and quick movements and always goes to check them out. Puppy heard the Tester cough and was at their side before the Tester hit the ground. Puppy then ran circles around the Tester, lap after lap, whimpering loudly and sniffing the air until Tester responded. When the food was introduced, puppy got excited. He sniffed and gently pawed at the Testers hand, trying to get the food but quickly gave up and went off to explore. Puppy was quickly able to refocus on toys after the food intro. Tug a war was his favorite game. He never let go of the toy before the Tester and once he finally got the toy, he shook the toy really hard then ran off with it for himself. 



   Puppy #3 immediately started creeping around the test area, sniffing the ground and wagging her tail excitedly. As soon as she heard the Tester say "here", she turned around, and eagerly ran straight over to the Tester. She jumped right onto their lap and started giving the Tester lots of kisses. Puppy was not that interested in playing Tug a war. She was more interested in getting to the know the Tester; she bounced around the Testers lap, giving quick kisses. The ball caught the puppy's attention and she returned it to the Tester 4X in a row before she went off to explore again. This time she stood straight, head high with confidence. Puppy eagerly followed the Tester around the test area, staying close to their feet and was able to change directions at the same time as Tester, really following their lead. Puppy loved to be held and cradled and returned the affection with lots of kisses and ear nibbles. The second play session, puppy became more interested and chased the toy, shook it and then dropped it for the Tester to pick back up. She would not return a ball this time and continued to chase the tug toy around instead. Puppy backed away from Tester when intimidated, and kept backing up until she was out of Testers reach. Tester had to go on their knees to get her to come back out. She is comfortable with loud noises and showed little interest in the whip. Puppy eagerly ran over to the Tester when they fell. She licked and bit at the Testers nose and dug at their hair. She then rolled onto her belly and snuggled into the Testers neck, whimpering softly until they responded. Puppy showed interest when the food was introduced and gently tried to get to the food, under the Testers hand. She never used her teeth and gave up before 30 seconds. Puppy seemed to have less energy near the end of the test. She did not want to play with any toys at the end; instead she cuddled onto the Testers lap, and closed her eyes.



  Puppy #4 was placed in the test area and instantly started running around, nose to the ground, sniffing loudly. Puppy came over to the Tester on his own, without being called and jumped on their lap giving them big kisses and neck nuzzles. He showed no interest in playing Tug a war. He wouldn't even leave the Testers lap. Puppy did like playing fetch and returned the ball to the Tester 6X in a row, very happy to drop the ball at the Testers side. Puppy eagerly followed the Tester around. He got underfoot and constantly jumped at the tester wanting to play. Puppy enjoyed being cradled, being pet all over and eagerly accepted kisses from the Tester. He did not like being held on his back and immediately started whining and struggling until he was flipped back over. Puppy became more playful as the test went on. He chased the Tug toy in all directions but would always leave the toy where it dropped for the Tester to pick back up. He consistently played fetch, returning the ball another 6X before going off to explore his new environment. Puppy has a high sound and sight awareness. He reacts to sudden sounds and chases small objects. Puppy was not easily intimidated and he jumped up at the Tester, eager to be approached. When the Tester fell, the puppy immediately walked straight towards the Testers head. He pawed and licked the Testers face nonstop until the Tester responded. Puppy was very food motivated. He tried everything to get the food under the Testers hand. He even resorted biting hard. Puppy could not refocus after the food was introduced and started pacing around looking for more. He started howling when he found the location of the rest of food. He then started jumping at the chair until he knocked it over, which split the container and he found the food and gobbled it all up before the Tester could stop him.



  Puppy #5 immediately noticed the Tester. She took a few steps towards the Tester, then stopped, turned around, and went off to explore her new environment. Puppy took some encouraging to leave all the new smells to meet the Tester. When the Tester finally got her attention, she started pouncing the ground nervously at them, wanting to play but not too sure of the new person. She crept up onto the Testers lap and her tail started wagging faster and faster, escalating to big kisses for the Tester. Puppy gently chased the Tug toy around, always allowing the Tester to have the toy. She was more interested in the Tester then the toy and stopped play to give lots of ear nibbles. During fetch, puppy returned the ball 4X before wanting to snuggle with the Tester once more. Puppy eagerly followed the Tester around, staying far enough back to give eye contact, looking for further instructions. Puppy enjoys attention and loves to be petted. She eagerly rolled on to her belly for belly rubs and gave big, open mouth kisses to the Tester. Puppy was a little uncomfortable being cradled, but quickly settled. She gave little eye contact when being held on her back and gently struggled until she was released. The second play time, puppy took the Tug toy to chew by herself and had no interest in playing with the Tester. She would chase after the ball during fetch but rarely brought it back. Puppy is comfortable with loud noises. She confidently/ curiously checks things out, but does not over react to sudden movements. She was not easily intimidated by the Tester and eagerly waited for the tester to approach her. Puppy raced over to the Tester when they fell and laid directly on top of their face. She then got off and started licking the Testers face while whimpering and scratching the Testers neck until they responded. Puppy was very food motivated. She licked and sniffed the Testers hand without biting. She had a hard time refocusing on toys afterwards. She would chase the ball but then go back to sniffing around for more food.

Full Temperament Test Here: 

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Pup #1 BMM - First Snow Fall 

Pup #2 BTM - First Snow Fall 

 Pup #3 BTF - First Snow Fall 

 Pup #4 BTM - First Snow Fall 

 Pup #5 BMF - First Snow Fall 

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