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MAS puppies, sold on a Non-Breeding Contract, range between:

$1,200.00 - $1,400.00

  • Each litter and each specific puppy will be priced according to their genetic cross/pedigree, the over- all quality produced within the litter, health testing results, and how close each puppy represents the Miniature American Shepherd Breed Standard.
  • The price for one litter may be different then another litter produced at the same time and one puppy may be priced differently then another puppy within the same litter.
  • We try not to price our puppies based on their sex, colour, or other cosmetic traits, BUT.. We will lower the price of a solid colour/non flashy puppy, IF we feel that they are being over looked, merely based on cosmetics only. 

 Sometimes we may have a MALE puppy that we want to keep in our Breeding program, available on a Co- own Agreement for half the pet price. The male would be your family pet, but would be kept intact for the potential to be used in our breeding program.

Please inquire, options will vary will each applicant.

  •  Please inquire about Breeding rights. Only puppies who are thought to be good representations of the AKC Miniature American Shepherd Breed Standard will be kept back for Approved Breeding programs.

 Please read our contracts

BEFORE applying for one of our MAS puppies.

 ***To be considered for a Marsh Puppy, you must first fill out our 

 Puppy Placement Policy

We do not rush the sale of our MAS puppies. We try to find them their Forever homes, where they will thrive and be loved unconditionally. Top Priority!
Potential Buyers wanting a specific color or other physical trait are usually on our waiting list for MONTHS before their "perfect" puppy is produced. 

  • Once a litter is born, we will read through our puppy questionnaires and based on those answers, we will contact all potential buyers we feel would be a good match for that particular genetic cross. 
  • Please feel free to contact us, if you feel like we have missed you. Our dearest apologies!

  • A $300.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit with a SIGNED deposit contract is required to guarantee you a puppy, or a selection of puppies within a  litter(s).

  • We will immediately accept a few generic deposits, But those applicants requiring a specific colour or other cosmetic trait will be contacted after initial evaluations.
  • We will have a good idea on who's going where by the 49 day Temperament Test, but we do NOT choose our "Pick" puppy, that stays in our program until after ALL Health Evaluations. Thus, 
  • Final placement decisions are not made until all evaluations are completed (between 7-8 weeks of age).

Visiting the Puppies 

  • We allow Approved applicants to visit our MAS puppies at our home, once the puppies are 4 weeks old. NO Exceptions! 
  • During the 5th week and 8th week fear periods, visits will be restricted to small groups of adults only. 
  • Our animals take most of our working hours each day to properly care for. Thus, appointments must be scheduled and preferrably booked in advance. 
Monday through Friday we can schedule 2 appointments daily: 
  • 1st appointment between 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm. 
  • 2nd appointment between 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm.
On Saturday, we can accommodate 3 appointments: 
  • 1st appointment between 10:30 am - 12:00 Noon
  • 2nd appointment between 1:30 pm -3:00 pm. 
  • 3rd appointment between 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm. 
***We no longer schedule appointments on Sundays (Family day), but may make exceptions to accommodate your specific needs. 

Please Note:
  • We absolutely do NOT allow drop in visitors. We are NOT a pet store! If you would like to visit to "Meet the Breed" Please contact us to set up a time before or after peak times. Puppy visiting time is prioritized to those committing to a puppy within the litter.
  • We ask those with an appointment to Please wear clean clothes and foot wear to our home. Please use the washroom if needed and wash your hands prior arrival. Please, do Not stop at any pet store, or any other Breeders home on your way to Marsh's MAS.
  • An hour and a half is not a long time for an appointment. We will make the most of our time, meeting the adult dogs and puppies while chatting about general care and reponsibilities etc. Please understand that the puppies/dogs and us people need to eat and rest inbetween appointments. Even if you show up late, you will be politely asked to leave when the appointed time has ended. Any further questions or concerns can easily be answered/discussed via phone and or email. 



Pick Up:

  • Puppies do Not leave their Mother and/or litter-mates before 9 - 10 weeks of age. No Exceptions!
  • Puppies must be paid for in full and a sales agreement must be signed by both parties before/during pick up.
  • The person picking up the puppy MUST be the Buyer on the sales agreement. ID verification will be done during pick up.
  • Most puppies will leave on the same day and appoinments are booked 45 minutes apart. We will go over the sales agreement one last time and answer any last minute questions. *It is preferred that only the immediate Buyer(s) come for this appointment.
  • We prefer that Buyers come pick up their puppy here at Marsh's MAS, where the puppy is most comfortable. Sometimes though, this is not practical or physically possible, so we are willing to help accommodate when needed.  


  • Most of our Breeding Dogs have come to us via air, so we are very familiar with the process and we now have our own puppies all over Canada :)
  • Shipping within Canada is available through West Jet (starting at 10 weeks old) or Air Canada (starting at 12 weeks old).
  • All shipping expenses are the sole responsibility of the Buyer and all monies are due 24 hours prior shipping.
  • Please Contact us for more information.

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***All of our Miniature American Shepherds are registered as Pure Bred dogs with the American Kennel Club.

Any puppy sold as a "Companion" or "Performance Prospect" will be registered with LIMITED STATUS meaning that any offspring produced by said dog will not be eligible for registration. Dogs with Limited Status are also unable to compete in most conformation events, BUT can still compete in dog sports like herding, agility and obedience.

Those seeking a puppy with FULL REGISTRATION for either showing or breeding can contact us for more information.***

Marsh's MINIATURE AMERICAN SHEPHERDS, "Marsh's MAS" Located in Nova Scotia, Canada. Contact us: