A lot of time, research and trial and error has gone into creating our Marsh's MAS Puppy Program. We have compiled an array of tests, situations and evaluations to help prepare our MAS puppies for the BIG world and their FOREVER homes :)

Here, we will share most of our program details to help you understand how much time and effort we put into raising our MAS puppies.


Our Puppies are raised following

The first couple weeks of a puppy's life are spent exclusively with their Dam. We intervene for observation, cleaning and to provide fundamental activities including neurological stimulation, scents of the day, confidence building exercises and sounds of the day. This time also includes the delicate, early bonding time between "man and dog" before their first fear period.

  • Puppies Temperature and Hydration is observed every 4 hours for the first 24 hours of life and then every 8 hours for the following 48 hours. 

  • We start nail trimming on day 2 and practice nail trimming once per week to help keep their nail quicks short and help desensitize them for future nail trimmings.

  • Puppies are weighed after the Mother has finished whelping. We then weigh each puppy every 24 hours for the first 2 weeks of life. Puppies are then weighed once per week until they leave Marsh's MAS.


"Scent of the Day" is done between 4 and 14 days old


Our puppies have their individual photos taken when they are 2 days old, again when they are 7 days old and once per week there after, until they leave Marsh's MAS.




Potty Training and trips outdoors begins when puppies are 3 weeks old, in warmer months and 4 weeks old in the colder months. 



Collar Introduction, 4 Weeks Old


Puppies are given their first collars to wear at 4 weeks of age. 
They scratch and make such a fuss that you would think they had fleas! LOL 



Puppies are introduced to different 
Floor textures and surfaces


Leash Introduction begins at 5 weeks old


Puppies have a 
Personality Test at 
39 Days Old


Not Rain, Sleet  or Snow ...Nothing stops these pups from exploring! 
 Daily wood Walks begin at 6 weeks of age.




Swimming Introduction begins at 6 weeks old


We encourage our MAS to be avid swimmers.

We take our puppies swimming in different bodies of water (weather permitting). 


Crate Introduction begins at 6 weeks old

Puppies learn that their crates are a safe place to hang out. 


Our puppies are carefully introduced to multiple 
dogs, cats and livestock.

Puppies have their official Volhard's Temperament Test at 49 Days Old

Puppies are introduced to a Harness and official leash walking multiple times between 7-9 weeks old.

Puppies go on 2 long distance drives between 
7-8 weeks old. 

  • 1 trip to Riverview, New Brunswick for their Eye exams with Dr. Cheryl Cullen, Ophthalmologist.
  • 1 Trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia for Health exams and 1st vaccines with Carnegy Animal Hospital.


Puppies have their structure evaluated at 
8 weeks of age using 
Pat Hastings 
"Puppy Puzzle"

Puppies are given a bath 
              before going to their new homes.                                                                    


                              ...some puppies can't get enough bath time :)